Monday, October 27, 2014

My Greenie!!!!!


Well I can't believe the time has gone so fast. It's Halloween on Friday. Last Halloween I was with Elder Green my trainer and now look at this I'm training. Wow, crazy stuff. I also can't believe that Dad says you can trick or treat at any age. I feel so jipped gosh he's gone soft. Hahaha but he still has the real costume rule which is good I guess. 

So this is the news all have been waiting for. Who is the new elder Elder Kotter will be training. Well his name is ....................... Elder Freestone. He's from  Utah or that area he said. He is fresh out of high school yeah 18 years old. It's in that moment where I felt really old cuz I have 20 years. It's like what the heck happened when did I get so flipping old. Well I'm sending a picture so you can see my new son.  It's awesome working with him. I'm remembering so many things that I forgot just from time. I think every missionary should train. It is probably one of the best things ever. It is hard because he cant speak much Spanish yet but I don't care I'm just happy to be with someone who has so much desire to work his tail off. 

So Hans didn't get baptized but we are going to talk to his family and plan a day when we can do it. Elder Freestone his first day challenged one of our investigators and she said yes. That was an awesome experience for him. We challenged and she started to cry and was like I really want to do this. It was super cool. Her name is Allie she is the daughter of a less active we have been working with. It's so true when you rescue more and you baptize more.

I'm so happy you went out with the missionaries. Like I told you they basically peed their pants no. And I bet you are going to go out with them more now, no. Keep doing that. Even if you don't have a reference you can help the work of salvation by being the friends of the investigators that is just as important. So keep doing that. 

Well I love you so much mom keep being awesome.


Elder Kotter


I just have to say I love training. I know it only has been a week and we have only had really like 2 day to work because of all the traveling, but it is awesome to work with someone who has so much desire to learn and work. It is also great to learn so much. Things that I had forgotten because of time. So I'm so happy I have this opportunity to be with Elder Freestone. I know what you mean about the pressure but I'm going to do my best and I know that the Lord will make up the rest. I learned that from p90x. And I am so ready to tear it up. We are going to do work all day every day. Thanks for the advice. I think I really needed it. 

I love you a ton,
Elder Kotter 


Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Gonna be Training!


Well, this is what I know about the changes. I don't know my new comp because he isn't here in the mission yet. He will be coming soon. He's still in the MTC. Yup I'm training a new elder. Yikes lots of responsibility but it isn't a shock I have felt that I would train after ending with Elder L. I'm just scared too because I feel that I will be training a gringo, but we will see. I'm ready to train more than anything to pump some juice in me. Get me out of the routine. I was getting to comfortable and like you always say there isn't any growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. 

Well funny story for this week is about the baptism we had this Saturday. We have been working with a less active family that they can get active again. We also were working with their twin sons to get baptized. They are 9. So they get to the point where the dad is ready to baptize his sons. And everything is super cool. The first one Jon gets baptized pretty easily only had to try two times because his feet left the water. Hans on the other hand didn't get baptized. He got dunked twice but he kept throwing his hand up so it wasn't valid. Then he started to cry and wouldn't let his dad baptize him. We are playing this game for like 30 minutes when I just throw on some white clothes (I don't have a change of clothes) to try to just force this kid down. Well needless to say he didn't get baptized and his brother did. So that's the funny story of the week. Just goes to show you can't force anyone into baptism.Other than that it was a pretty normal week. so yeah. 

I'm super jealous that y'all will be using the attic fan. It's been hitting like 40-45C all week. fun stuff. The rainy season should be here soon so we will drop a little bit but only to like 35 I'm waiting for that, but don't get me wrong I love the heat way more than the cold.

Well that's what happened this week. I hope everything goes well with the BYU application for Shelby. Remember that Miss Bestey is the queen with that stuff. 

I love y'all so much,

Elder Kotter