Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Week

Well this week went well. We are doing awesome and working hard. We started teaching a new family and they are awesome. They were a reference and well yeah they are doing good. The dad still hasn't really warmed up to us, but the rest of the family has. The mom basically already knows the church is true. And the daughters already have a ton a ganas to find out the truth.
So this next week we have two things going on. Trujillo is going to have a temple dedication which we will see here in Cusco. Also, the next day someone from the first presidency will be here in Cusco to talk to us. So this next week will be super awesome.
My comp is the best!!!! I don't know how, but we just have become best of friends he's like my brother I really love him like that.
I want to wish Shelby a Happy Birthday and Dad a Happy Fathers Day. Y'ALL ROCK KEEP BEING AWESOME I love y'all
This week we did a lot of service, and it was a really fun experience to do yard work!!!!! I bet y'all never thought that would come out of my mouth.

Well I love y'all so much,
Elder Kotter

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