Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Yup I can't believe it we have made it two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there was a lot of help from the Lord. Well, it seems like this is all just a dream; how fast has time flown! I still can't even believe it. I also can't believe how many experiences I've had in such a short space of time. I also have learned how much I really love y'all. I just cant wait for the day I can see you again; it's coming soon.  Even though I'm soo excited to see y'all I'm also scared, nervous and sad. Can this really be it, the end of my mission? I feel like I have so much more to learn, and I  feel like I'm just starting. I always looked up to missionaries with this much time in and I was just like, wow, you have so much time and experience now I'm here and I feel like, wow, I don't know anything. I just cant believe it.
Well I'm writing  you today because we had a crazy P-day. I'm sending the pictures. Basically, we hiked up to a glacier. It was really cool, but it was such a hard experience that none of us planned on. It took a lot longer than we thought. We woke up at 3:30 and drove to this place and we started hiking at 6 am. That was just to get to the base of the mountain. we started going up at 7:30 we got off the mountain at 4 ish............. yeah, then we had to hike back to were the car was going to pick us up. Yeah, that was hard. I was so dead tired. BUT I GOT THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope y'all enjoy them because I suffered to get those.
This week went well. We are working so hard just trying to find new people and we are finding. We have started teaching  D and also a family that could be awesome. I just want to make every moment count. I love y'all so much. I hope that y'all have a good week. Good luck with your shots!!!
Elder Kotter

Videos of the P-day hike to the glacier are down at the bottom of all the pictures! Enjoy!!

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