Monday, April 21, 2014



Hey how's it going? Sorry to hear about your cold weather. Luckily it got good for Easter. I love the pictures of Easter. I'm glad I'm still part of the family even if it is just a photo.

I'm doing really good right now. Things are just going as they should be. Easter here is kinda different. They celebrate Semana Santa which starts basically Thursday. A lot of people here climb a big mountain where there are 3 crosses to receive a remission of their sins. That's what they do Thursday night. Then after that they just eat food and things like that. It's not as strongly celebrated as it is in the states. For example back home everything at church is about Easter. Here nothing really was but I still had an awesome experience taking the sacrament knowing it was Easter Sunday. I really love the sacrament.

Well this week went ok. It's still the same old same old not a whole lot of outward success but more inward. Slowly I'm becoming more and more the person God wants me to be.

That's soooooo awesome that Zach got his mission call. Way to go Salt Lake City,South.

Way to go mom with all those cup cakes!!!!!!!!!!!! It's way better than I could have done, Thanks for all y'alls support. Keep being awesome and know that I love y'all soooo much. Also remember that we are nothing with out our older brother Jesu Cristo. I love y'all

Elder Kotter

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