Monday, April 28, 2014

Roller Coaster


Well this week was really a roller coaster ride. It's crazy how the mission can be like that. One day your on top of the world the next you are in the very low. So here's the story... Wednesday night we had this awesome lesson, probably one of the very best I have ever had on my mission. We have been teaching a less active named Jose. He was baptized when he was 8 and hasn't come back to church since. We basically have been teaching him trying to remind him who he is and what he is a part of. He has been pretty accepting of everything we have taught, but he still hadn't had a testimony. So we taught him who he is and what he can become. The spirit filled the room and then we testified of the Book of Mormon and that is the way how we get closer to God so we can become like him. Next thing we did was ask him right there to pray if the book was true. He did and then we sat there and waited for his answer. The room filled with a spirit that I have only felt in the temple. He Got his answer and now he has no doubts about the Book of Mormon. The very next day we walked up to Huitaca to teach Frandu (that's like an 30-45min walk up hill) we get there and he's not there so we wait for 5 mins and gets there. We try to teach and he's not even paying attention and then basically he said he didn't want to take the lessons anymore. Sad and disappointed we walked the long way down trying to get happy when a dog just comes and bites me in the butt with no warning or nothing. I storm off in an angry fury and then in sadness I plop on the side of the dirt road and start to cry (lots of littler things had happened that day too). Meanwhile Elder Woolner is trying to throw rocks at the dog and tells the kids that their dog is bad. They end up telling him that their dog isn't bad that he's the bad one. One little girl said why are you even here? "Go home"(she had like 12-15years) basically one of the lowest points of the mission we just ended up crying and then laughing and after a short break we went back to working. All I've gotta say is if this wasn't the true church nothing else would of gotten us moving again. That's why the atonement of Jesus Christ is so awesome. The very fact that we could even endure that is because of Him. The price we have to pay to know our Savior is sometimes expensive but every penny is worth it. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for those two days in a row. I got to feel the love of God in both its forms. Who doesn't want to feel that. It was all thanks to the mission and my savior Jesus Christ.

I love you so much,

Elder Kotter

ps here are a few old photos our pention had of me and elder Gomez.

In these pictures you will see Cuy (Guinea Pig). He ate it!!!

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