Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Week Gone By


I'm doing great. I've gotten used to the heat and humidity of the jungle. It really is a lot like Georgia in summer just no air conditioning.  For p-day today we are going to go into the jungle and see what we can to see. It's going to be fun.  I do have a story for this week. We had a ward FHE last Thursday. It was like 5 miles out side of the city. So, we get there normal completely fine. We had the noche de hogar and it went good. The funny part was driving back. So i don't know why but we somehow lost transportation. We all got there fine but then when it was time to get back we found out that we didn't have enough space. So we ended up shoving like 6 people in a mototaxi and we go driving back to the city through the jungle while it's starting to rain and our head light was very dim. Basically I was thinking if something happened to the moto we were pretty much dead. But hey it was super fun.

We have tons of investigators. I don't know where they are coming from but people here seem to be way more at least open to listen to us. Even if they don't want anything to do with us they will still invite us in there houses. It's super cool. We are teaching like 3 families right now that's right FAMILIES that seem like they could progress. It really is a missionary's paradise here in the jungle. 

So I didn't get new shirts because my comp thought of a smarter cheaper way. We just went to a place and they cut the sleeves and turned them into a short sleeve shirts. 4 soles for every shirt. That's like $1.20 for every shirt. Way better. 

Let dad know I'm still praying for him and let him know I love him. I love you too mom!

Elder Kotter

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