Monday, August 18, 2014

Another week


Well I'm so glad Dad is doing good. I'm glad there is progress. He looks like he's doing great. I did find the picture of him with a walker pretty funny. Like he was getting old or something hahahahaha. I'm sorry it was a rough week, but it's the best when those weeks are over to look back and be like yeah I did that. I'm also glad the girls really did step there game up to help y'all out. They really are going to be good women. Lucky for the guy who marries one of them. Mom I think that's awesome that you get to be in the RS presidency. You are going to be able to do a lot of good for alot of people. It's sad you dont get to be a ward missionary but hey your needed in another part of the vineyard and always remember that really you are always a missionary. You always have a duty to find people and invite them to Christ.

This week was hot. It is really hot here but I'm loving the heat. It makes me feel more comfortable than the cold. Not physically but emotionally and mentally. I can get more relaxed and focus more on the work. Well I'm meeting tons and tons of people. They all want to hear the gospel. For the first time in my mission I'm not saying well plan A B C and D fell through so what now. hahahahaha That's just a joke, but I feel like people are just more open here. I think it's the culture.  It's just a more open place where you leave the door open becasue it's so hot. I would just ask you to pray for one person right now. His name is Leonius. He's like 26 years old. He is progressing really good. He even said he liked the law of chasity (first time I've ever heard that). He just hasn't come to church. Pray for that. That's all I ask for right now. I love y'all so much please take care of dad for me

Elder Kotter

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