Monday, September 8, 2014



Why in the world are you up so early?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup so like you guessed I am going to be staying here in the jungles of Peru. Heck yeah I'M HAPPY. I'm so glad to have this break from the cold. I do miss the llamas though. I'll be the very last comp of my comp because he only has 1 change left so in October he's going home...... wow!

SO just to let y'all know this morning I kinda went on a rampage with the videos so there are a few videos for y'all.

So Layo got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy is super prepared. He received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday too. He already is wanting to bless the sacrament and go on a mission. I don't know if I was a convert of 1 day that I would be saying yeah mission, but he is it's cuz the Lord really prepared him. Really he came to us pre prepared (if that is a term) he only needed to hear the truth, and then we couldn't stop him from getting more. He read everything we gave him and understood it. The spirit of the Lord really is with him. I can't wait to see what great things he is going to do in his life.

So That's awesome that you are going to be graduating with Shae. That's so cool also that your college credit is still good. I don't know how cuz that was so long ago but tha'ts awesome mom. You really are an inspiration to me that you would continue your education after all this time. Many people probably would say it's not worth it but not you. 

So to be honest with the shoes personally I think it would be better if you send them. They don't make dress shoes here that are good for walking. Usually they just have wooden soles for the dress shoes. So if you could send some of these Rockports that we bought at the beginning before the mission that would be great. These shoes are perfect for me and they are conformable. I love them. They just are wearing out. I'm pretty sure they can hold out for 8 weeks more. Size 9.5. It might get to me faster now because I'm not in Espinar. We only got them when we went to Sicuani so that could be part of the problem before, but now I'm in a place closer to the zone leaders so don't worry about that. 

So I love you so much mom; Just know that. And I'm so glad you set me up so I could have this opportunity to serve others.

Elder Kotter Your missionary

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