Monday, September 29, 2014

A Letter To Dad and Pictures and Videos!


I just want to thank you. I don't know how to say this with out it sounding kinda weird but when you say inspirational things to me it really affects me and others can say the same thing and it doesn't have as much power. I don't know if it's the spirit or because your my dad but I want to thank you because this week, I've used your advice so much not only in my life, but in other people's in my district. There is a companionship that isn't getting along at all. They Got issues and I've been able to use you advice to try to help them and give them counsel. It's super weird when someone comes to you and says Elder Kotter I need an interview with you. And then they just lay everything on the table right there and they want your advice. And I'm all like what I'm just like the same as you I don't know anything I'm only here as district leader cuz president called me not cuz I actually know what I'm doing. And then your words come to me and its all good. So thanks so much for that. You have helped many other other than me with your words

I love you dad!
Elder Kotter

My District

My companion and I

That is dust not rain

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