Monday, November 3, 2014

Moving Day


Wow, it sounds like you are doing so many good things. I don't know how you even have time to do all those things. Im super happy too becasue most of those things if not all rank at least in the better or best section. Keeping priorities straight is super important in life and it's something we have to constantly check. It sounds like you know that though.

I'm super happy that your college semester is going good. I'm so happy to say the phrase my mom goes to college. I'm so glad! I'm serious. Keep doing all those good things and keep getting those good grades. As for what you want to do when you grow up. I think that is an awesome idea. You could do awesome things with that I mean look at my life. You changed it by just loving me and guiding me. I think you will be an awesome Child Life Specialist.

Well this week was super awesome. So here are a few things that happened this week. Do you remember those crazy games like black magic and Grandpa Joe that we would play with the Gerber's and those missionaries? Well Elder Freestone knows those and more. So when ever we are walking he starts saying hey Elder Kotter I have a color wheel....... and well that's a new game. It drove me up the wall. Lucky he told me after about a week of torture but it was fun. It totally reminded me of the Gerber's. We also changed rooms. This new room is so much bigger and well I like it more and it's right next to the other missionaries. In other news I met a Heaton here in Peru. Yeah he is one of the other Elders in our sector. Even better he knows where Alton is. I'm pretty sure I just found a relative of Terry. I think he said his grandpa is Richard..... I don't remember but I think that's what he said. Most importantly The work is going awesomely. I love training because the lord really blesses the greenies. I don't know why but he trusts them more. We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off for the past week. I don't know where all these people came from People just came out of the wood work.

Well mom I love you so much I cant wait til Christmas either.

Elder Kotter

Moving Day

More Moving Day

And More Moving Day

We keep moving

It is so much fun

Even More Fun

Elder Freestone is super happy!

Trick or Treat!

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