Monday, November 10, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle!


So it sounds like everything is going awesome there in Georgia. I'm so glad y'all got the opportunity to work in the yard. That's what it is right an opportunity hahahahaha. So I got to put a couple of photos in Dropbox because we had to take a questionnaire this week  That day was probably the most exciting day I had in the mission. I took some videos and I'll let you find out what happened. I'm sure your momma bear instincts are going to go wild hahahaha.

So this week was kinda hard. we didn't have very much but I know next week is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We had an invasion where all the missionaries from one sector go and work in one sector for a day looking for less actives. Well that happened and we basically got so many less actives to work with and a ton of new investigators that we have to contact. I'm super excited it will be an awesome week next week I'm so sure. We still are working hard and trying to do our best

So I got my package on Monday thanks so much. I loved the shoes. There is only one problem. Thursday we come back from lunch to go to the bathroom(we had been overly stuffed again) and we walk into our room and we notice it was a mess. Like messier than we left it. Turns out someone broke into our room and stole all of elder Freestones ties his shampoos and basically stuff like that. The thief also got my brand new shoes that I hadn't even worn yet............ So yeah. So yeah that was a pretty fun story. 

I love y'all so much thanks for everything. I cant believe everyone is getting so big and I cant believe Matt Gerber is getting married. What the junk!!!!!!!!! Where did that come from. 

I love y'all

Elder Kotter

We spent P-day walking around the jungle

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