Monday, November 24, 2014


This hamburger was named "The Stroke" I struggled to get the last few bites in, but I did it!


Hey whats going on? Sounds like y'all are doing awesome. I totally forgot its going to be Thanksgiving. Days have just turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Everything is just blurring together for me I don't even know what time of the year it is. When it's always hot I still think it's July but it's now November. I can't believe its almost December!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did the time go?

So this week we didnt get a whole lot in. We were in Cuzco and traveling much of the time, but it was still a good week. Aliana got baptized which was super awesome. I was super humbled when she asked me to do it. I just remeber being in the bathroom changing and just had this strong impression of wow I just helped someone enter into heaven. It was a super awesome moment. It's moments like that that make the whole time worth it. Hans didn't get baptized. The same thing happened he started freaking out when he was in the font. So we might have to change our tactics and go to a river or something we will see. Anyways, I'm doing good. I'm happy and healthy. That's more than elder Freestone can say. He had a bad case of stomach issues this week. I felt so bad for him but then I just remembered we all have to go through that at some time. I'm sorry I don't have alot to write about. Just know I love you keep the faith stay strong This is God's work. 

Elder kotter

PS When is Elder Heaton coming home?

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