Monday, January 26, 2015

And the Verdict Is......


Well I totally can testify about the Book of Mormon. It really is a strength. I have noticed the difference in the day when I don't read and study the Book of Mormon EVEN WHEN I READ OTHER SCRIPTURES. People ask me a lot about the Book of Mormon and why it's so important and I just wish I could transfer my feelings into them but I can't. And of course the words don't ever match up to how I feel. That really is a huge indicator of someone who really is going to progress. Do they read the Book of Mormon? I think that's for all of us. Those who read, gain more knowledge and those who don't just stagnate and flounder. Keep reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Get the whole family to do it too, if they aren't doing it.

So y'all probably have been wondering all week about if I'm extending or not. The news is this.......................you're going to have to add to the chain. Yup I have decided to extend a transfer. That means I'll be home July 1st. Tell the girls sorry. Tell Shelby sorry that I'll be missing her graduation and her birthday but I know what I must do and so I'm doing it.

So we have a few baptisms coming up not 100 percent when but we got a few for February. I'll let you know next week exactly when they will be happening.

So Cusco is pretty awesome. I've gotten used to the weather and it's not  bad. I sleep better than I did in Puerto because it's the perfect sleeping temperature. I'm getting to know the area much better I'm pretty sure by next week I'll have it down. 

Well I love y'all so much keep being awesome!

Elder Kotter

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