Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Week


So this week was pretty good. Wait!!! Matthew is coming home in one week!!!! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!!!!! Anyways like I was saying this week was good. Yeah, so to tell you about the investigator who is going to be baptized his name is J. Hes like 25 years old more or less. He is awesome. He knows the church is true and he is always wanting to learn more. We set his date for February 14(yup valentines day I think it will be the best valentines day I've ever had) You can tell he loves the gospel and he wants to love it more. We also had a conference with president this week. It was super awesome. President Harbertson is awesome every time he talks I just want to do better. He points out errors and mistakes without making you feel bad and just motivating you instead. This week we went to El Templo de la Luna (the temple of the moon) really its just kinda a cave. I'm told when the moon shines it makes the rocks sparkle or something like that. We went during the day so we didn't see that, but there is still cool Incan rocks(let me know if your getting tired of seeing old Incan rocks).

So it sounds like life is going great down in GA. Yes mom always remember C's get degrees too. It is more important to get the degree and LEARN. If you are learning you are doing the will of God.

I love y'all so much keep doing awesome things

Elder Kotter

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