Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm Dying in Cusco!


Well I never thought I would make it to this moment in my mission. I am at the point where I am in my last change. I  won't be having a change and Elder S. isn't either. So I'll be dying here in Cusco. I can't believe I'm at this moment. It still feels like yesterday I entered into the MTC! still remember leaving y'all in the Atlanta airport 2 years ago. Wow how time really goes by so fast. 

I also can't believe Shelby is graduating and Shae too. What the junk life really is going on so fast. The only advice I have is live every moment like its your last.

The pictures in Dropbox look amazing. It's great that the carpet is looking so good.

The story of the week. It was just we had a really powerful lesson with a less active family. M and J. We taught the first lesson. It was one of the strongest first lessons I've had. It was amazing. Remember, remember that We need to look for the less actives they are so important too. They need our help. 

Well i love y'all so much keep up the good work. I'll be expecting a story about the Book of Mormon next week. 

Elder Kotter

So this is what we do on P-day when there isn't much else to do! No one broke anything!

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