Monday, May 25, 2015

Another Week


Wow sounds like life is going on just nicely. This week has been kinda weird for me. Seeing missionaries that came in with me go home and me staying. It was weird. The work is going on just nicely. We have a baptism planned for tomorrow. This guy is so prepared. His name is S. He is going so strong. Another of our new converts C. got a calling to be the second counselor of the YW. She was kinda shocked but I know she will do an awesome job. Also W. the guy we helped reactivate got a calling to be the assistant of our ward mission leader its perfect because they are brothers. It's starting to get cold but only at night. That's the thing if its sunny outside it's hot. if its cloudy its cold. Its really hard to know what to put on. Elder S. and me had an awesome night last night. Lots of lessons and the spirit was so strong. I don't ever want to stop being a missionary. I just can't believe its coming to a close so fast.  I love y'all so much!  Just know that y'all are my life.

Elder Kotter

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