Monday, August 5, 2013



What's up? Hows life going? Everything is going great here. This week we had a ton of meetings and it was awesome they were all about purifying ourselves so we can become better missionaries. Unfortunately it seems like everything is against us. We had the worst numbers in the world and we walked so much and tried and tried and tried but nothing happened. Our baptism fell through because we don't know where this girl disappeared to. My Spanish is still awful and its cold outside. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Faith comes, then the trail of it and after the trial then comes the miracles. Always remember that.
well I'm sorry school has to start. Shelby can drive now and Shae has a cell phone wow our family is growing up. I really can't believe it. It's actually kinda scary. Y'all need to stop growing up so fast. Next week I will try to send pictures, some of the internet cafes you can send pictures and some you can't and I also need to take some pictures. We have an awesome view of the lake but we also get an awesome smell from the lake. It smells bad and if the wind blows the right way it smells really bad. Oh so mom I kinda told a family that you can make really good pizza dough and now they want the recipe. sorry.... i kinda need one. Also tell dad sorry for all the extra work over the summer. Umm a good package would be peanut butter snacky food like those awesome pretzel bites and Dr. Pepper I have been really craving those things. well keep the faith and know I love you all so much!

Elder Kotter
ps What is this blog thing i keep hearing about?

(The blog is a surprise from Stephen's family to him when he arrives home. He doesn't know we are doing this for him. Please try not to mention it in your letters to him. Thanks :))

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  1. Dr. Pepper? A kid after my own heart!! Glad he is doing well!!