Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey how are you doing? Thanks for all of the prayers they helped a lot. Oh and also thanks to some medicine, I am now pooping like a normal person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh so just to let y'all know I survived one transfer!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah time is flying by oh and I will email every Monday even if I do have a transfer so don't worry about that, but I don't have a transfer so I'm still in Puno with Elder Green which is cool. Well the missionary work this week was hard because of the sick week so we basically had to start over which is always so much fun!!!!! Oh guess what the people of Puno say that September starts the rainy season so that means lots and lots of cold rain!!!!!!!! Well I'm glad everything is going good for y'all with school. Tell shelby not to worry about college it is so freakin awesome!!!!

Well I am sending a couple more pictures. The lake is Lake Titicaca from my apartment window. My shoes I've been wearing and the new ones (or my shined up one), can you tell a difference? I found some peanut butter.

Elder Kotter


I am so glad you are feeling better even if it is only 90% but I am sure it is from carrying shingles since the time you were 13 or how ever old you were. I just remember those couple of days I had to carry them because we were only just patching the roof and it hurt my back I can't imagine years of that!!!!!!!!

Well its so weird Spanish comes and goes sometimes I can understand all and sometimes its nothing. but I mostly understand when the spirit is around so that is a hint to me to keep the spirit with me at all times! And dad i have felt both powers of evil and good fighting within me its so weird. Sometimes I totally screw up Spanish and then I just get so discouraged but always during those hard times a scripture pops into my head usually D&C 121 where your afflictions are only a small moment. Sometimes I think about all the trails I have with being sick and language and I get sad, but then i think how much God is teaching me because I have to rely on him. I truly think that is why i have to speak a different language because I feel like know the gospel pretty well and it is really the only way I have to rely on him. I thank him everyday for that!

Dad I love you so much,

Elder Kotter

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