Monday, November 4, 2013



Sounds like life is going awesome for y'all I can't believe it's already November and tomorrow I will have 5 months in the mission! 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like just yesterday I was a scared little kid in the MTC and its already now been 5 months. I love all the pictures keep sending them please and make sure there are pictures in the package too. Pictures of everything!!!!! I love the the bathroom it looks awesome!!!! And yes it's cold but luckily it's summer here so it only gets cold when it gets cloudy and starts to rain which kinda happens a lot because its also the rainy season. Well the work still moves slow but I think it's just like a big rock we just need to push hard enough until it rolls and then it will go by itself. Elder Green and I are really trying to find really small things that we lack or aren't being 100% obedient with so we can improve and get more blessings. I hope y'all are doing well. Did nobody go trick or treating and was Shelby too cool to dress up and what about you and dad. No costumes man I leave and all of a sudden everyone is too cool to have fun except for Shae. Well let's see stories....this week we got to help this really old guy who lives in a tiny little house about the size of our living room get to the church so he could get his temple recommend so he could be sealed to his wife. That was awesome. This brother can't really see or hear and he has a fake leg that he got like 43 years ago. Hes like 71 years old. It was so awesome to help him and his wife become an eternal family even if it was something so simple as helping him walk out of his house down a hill to a taxi. That's what the work is really all about helping out our brothers and sisters.

I love you all so much,

Elder Kotter

ps please please please help the elders and sisters in our ward give them references then go with them.


It seems like an awesome week. I so badly miss the temple and I wish we had one in our mission. I can't wait for that day when they announce one in the Cusco Peru Mission. I think that's awesome that elder Walton wrote to y'all. I bet he is doing miracles there in Washington and Kotter cookies are freaking awesome hahhahaha. I can't wait till I come home and can get a fresh batch from the oven and I won't even care if they burn my tongue. I know when I get home I will get so fat because I will be so food deprived hahahahha. I'm not hungry I just crave stuff like a hamburger. I also really want some bacon because one of the mission rules is no pig. I hope that they change that. Well keep those in the ward in your prayers and please find one person you can give to the missionaries and then help them out with the lessons. It makes the work so much easier.

Elder Kotter

Oh yeah I love y'all so much!!!

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