Monday, November 25, 2013

A Sad Good-Bye


What a crazy week!!!!!!!!!

So guess what I'm not in Puno anymore!!!!! I know right. I'm in Sicuani. So yeah. What happened was Monday like 3 hours after I e-mailed y'all the zone leaders called and said I have an emergency transfer.... so here I am in Sicuani. My new comp is Elder Gomez he's from chile and he's pretty cool. We are having a little bit of a language problem but other than that we are doing great it's cool my Spanish is improving so much and I get to teach him English it's fun trying to figure out what hes saying. Now Elder green has his old comp in Puno. I do have to say I was super sad to leave Puno. I didn't realize how much I loved Puno the people and Elder Green until I had to leave on Tuesday. So yeah that's this week for yah. Fun story about contacting on Saturday. we knocked a door and this guy basically started yelling at us from a second story window telling us we don't believe in the bible and you can't get baptized a second time even though in acts there are stories about people being baptized twice. So that was fun.

Well love you all,

Elder Kotter

PS Pray for Elder Gomez his mom died like a week before the transfer he's doing ok but sometimes he isn't ok.

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