Monday, November 18, 2013



Sounds like life really is going awesome.

So today I'm like super tired because we had to wait for the transfers until like 12:30 in the morning and guess what we found out..............wait for it.............
Elder green will be here in Puno and I will be in............ Puno too. Another transfer with Elder Green here in Puno! We are excited we couldn't believe it though.

So we get until December 31 til the next transfer. It seems so long away but it really isn't.

Well I wish I could give some good news about the work of salvation but it keeps going slow, but patience in all things will bring the blessings of heaven. We are just chugging along and hopefully we will find somebody who will progress in an timely manner.

I can't believe the family is getting so big. It seems like yesterday when it wasn't so big and that the grandchildren stopped but now the great grandchildren are starting to come.

Have an awesome week and keep inviting people to activities church and FHE. Don't be scared because fear is the opposite of faith. Be BOLD and I know that you will help people come unto the waters of baptism and don't forget the less actives. Try to make it a goal to invite just one person to church whether they are non member or less active just try to get someone to church. We all need ordinances because we all need the sacrament so try to find someone who needs an ordinance and get them to the church.


Elder Kotter


Wow 2 Packages y'all are crazy!!!!!!!! I'm not complaining though hahahaha. So we had transfers this week and Elder Green and I are here for another 6 weeks. I'm Glad for that because then the holidays wont feel so weird I'll be with a gringo and have some of the same things to talk about.

Dad keep being awesome. Know that y'all are in my prayers and I cant wait for Christmas.

I can't believe that Shae is doing all these things. Mom sent me pictures and sometimes I don't really recognize her very well. Where is time going.

Dad I love you so much,

Elder Kotter

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