Monday, January 27, 2014



Hey so sounds like everything is going good at home and it sounds like the stake conference went really well. Technology is really great no. As I preach the gospel I have such a strong desire that my family (all of them) have the blessings of the gospel. I know that everything good from my life has come from living the commandments and also the ordinances of the gospel. I hope that everything works out for the best with everyone in my family.

So that makes me sooooo happy that you are feeding the missionaries. They need all the help they can get in any way possible. I also can't believe my friends are starting to return from the mission. I remember that night Elder Gerber got set apart. That seems like yesterday.

So this week we rescued two more people so that's awesome!!!!!!!!!! Other than that this week was fairly normal but we are working our hardest to get to the hearts of the people but its difficult. I don't know if we are doing something wrong but it just seems like no one wants to commit to come to the gospel. I just wish I could put the feeling I have into them so they could know it's true but I can't and I can't force them to do the things they need to do like read pray and attend church. Just got to keep waiting until they make the choice for themselves. Well I love y'all so much and I love the mission with all my heart. It's hard but worth it just like anything worth fighting for. You have to sacrifice to get to know Christ. You have to pay a little bit of what He paid to understand Him. That's the only way.

Love y'all all so much,

Elder Kotter

So thoughts that I had this week I want to send home. I can't take credit for a lot of it it's inspired by Elder Holland in a talk about the atonement.

God is a God of sacrifice. If we want to get to know our savior better we are going to have to sacrifice a small piece of what he paid in the atonement. When life stinks and when people spit on you(figuratively or literally) because of Christ or your belief in him you are standing shoulder to shoulder to the very best life that this earth has to offer(that would be Christ) Always remember this and always know that he loves you and will do all possible to help you reach exaltation. The greatest gift that he has to offer. He can change lives I've seen it in others but most importantly I've seen it in me. One man+God is always a majority. The gospel is hard to live sometimes but life is so much harder to live with out the gospel. Always know you are not alone you have got your elder brother Christ to help you.

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