Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Week


Hey y'all hows life going? Here in Peru everything is just dandy. We are working hard and trying to be obedient. This week was kinda of a slow week for us but hopefully this next week coming up will be much better. We can't control the timing of the Lord so we just got to keep going forward. Well our investigator with a baptismal date is coming along and we have got 2 others I think we are planning on challenging this week so that's going to be awesome!!!!!!

So my spiritual moment for this week actually happened today. I was reading the scriptures and I don't know what happened but I just had such a love for the scriptures that I have never had before. Before the mission the scriptures were more of a check like yup got that done, but today I truly felt like the scriptures were the coolest thing ever in the world. They have so many treasures of knowledge in them especially the bible. I never really appreciated the bible like I should have until the mission. So always remember that the scriptures all of them are super important. Always read your scriptures and you will be happy in this life.

I love y'all so much and I pray for y'all everyday. Please keep pushing forward with your eyes ever centered on Christ and his atonement for us.

I love you all

Elder Kotter


Yup that seems to be the theme church wide. Get the work done and fast!!!!!!! It's cuz I truly believe that the time is shortly coming that missionary work will be over for a while until Christ's coming. One of two things will happen I believe there will be nobody left willing to listen or its going to be to dangerous for the missionaries. Push as hard as you can while we still can push.

So we are working with lots of people but I'll give y'all the names of those progressing the best so you can pray for them by name. Joel(less active) Christian(less active) Ider(investigator) Berta(investigator) Frandu(investigator) right now those are the ones on the top of my head also please Gloria and Jorge(family investigators) they can progress but they have like 0 time so pray for them too.

I love ya so much dad thanks for always being such a great example to me. if i can do anything to help the family out let me know

Elder Kotter

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