Monday, February 17, 2014

Someone is desperate!


Wow sounds like Everything is coming to the end of the world in Atlanta. Snow earthquakes Matt Gerber. Well I'm glad y'all had a great fun week. Hopefully y'all we be going to school soon so y'all don't have to have so much school in the summer. I loved the pictures in the snow it seems like this storm is over the whole country because elder W said that they got 20 inches in Oregon. which is rare for them where he lives.

So I've got some bad news. My bag got stolen. Yup someone stole my bag that the mission gave me. It had in it my scriptures my hymn book my knifes my pamphlets a Book of Mormon my filter water bottle and my camera. Basically I feel naked right now. I just hope that the person really needed money because if they stole from me they are truly desperate because I have basically nothing. That was basically all my worldly wealth that I have so yeah that was fun. It happened in the bus station waiting for an elder and I sat my bag on the ground and bam they got it. I didn't realize until we left. Lucky I've sent all my photos home except from this week so y'all got all that.

Well this week we was pretty slow because of the changes. We did have a really good lesson with hna B. It was lesson 2 the plan of salvation. It was awesome. I just know she is ready she just has to know that. We also are just working super hard me and Elder W and he is great.

Keep being so awesome and I love y'all,

Elder Kotter

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