Monday, June 9, 2014

munaki manamunaki warmimi kanki

For those who don't know Stephen is learning some Quechua this is the phrase he's got down the best, it means: 

Whether you like it or not you're going to be my woman!!!

Ok.....I think that is super helpful for your mission!!!   This week's letter comes with TONS of pictures and some videos!!  I'll put the videos in a separate post!!


Well this week went by super fast I cant believe I really did hit my year mark that's so crazy!!!!!!! I also can't believe I'm almost 20.  it seems like yesterday I was turning 19.  SO this week went by super fast like every week seems to. We are just doing the work. We reactivated a member and are in the process of reactivating two sisters Cithina and Isis. They both joined the church in like 2001.
They have been coming to church recently and we want to keep that up.
We found a new investigator named Julio. He is a boyfriend of a member. He had received the lessons before but never got baptized.
Recently, he broke his leg so bad that he can't even leave his bed for 6 months. Crazy right. So he asked for a Book of Mormon to read because he has like forever to do nothing. We also gave him all the pamphlets we give out. I'm excited to teach him especially since he can't escape for 6 months it really makes things easier.  Well I hope everything is going good with y'all. Keep praying hard and get to work. We need all the help we can get as missionaries. it really is super tough to do the work with out members so help them out. I love y'all so much keep up the good work

Elder Kotter

Studying in my bed

The family that houses us

The view from my rooftop suite

Yep that's right we got pizza for dinner


Can you tell we liked the pizza....lots of pictures of it

studying on my rooftop

Yes it is VERY COLD her in Espinar!

Hey don't hate on the sweater....it is warm!!!

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