Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Oaks and More Videos


So this week I don't have a lot to talk about with the missionary work because a lot of things happened. So we were working Tuesday and Wednesday like normal just minding our own business when our district leader tells us we will be traveling to Cusco tomorrow (Thursday) for something very important. He said that Elder Oaks of the quorum of the 12 apostles will be coming to Cusco. Yup that's right ELDER OAKS!!!!!!!! He came and talked to us. I also got to shake his hand. It was an awesome experience. He talked about a whole bunch of stuff but more than anything I felt that he was an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second best part is we got to eat in Cusco. I got some KFC so I was pretty happy about that. So Thursday and Friday were spent in traveling and listing to Elder Oaks. Saturday nothing happened either because of a festival called K anmarka. So everyone was out there dancing and drinking so Espinar was empty. But it doesn't matter everything is going good. Today is the transfers and none of us has transfers so another 6 weeks here. I'm glad school is going good. Keep up the good grades and don't give up even if it gets hard. Tell dad to get a blessing but he has to ask for it. Tell him the priesthood works and we should never be too proud to get a blessing because it is meant to be used.

 I love y'all so much and can't wait to see y'all again.

Elder Kotter

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