Monday, June 2, 2014



Well I'm sooooo sorry I didn't get to write to y'all last week. Some crazy stuff happened but I'm surprised your not freaking out right now.
SO I'm alive. Last week Monday was crazy. We left the house early to do some normal p-day stuff. We visited a place called 3 Cañones. It was cool and really pretty. So we come back to find about 27 missed calls from the zone leaders. Turns out I'm suppose to be going to Lima that day to do stuff on my papers. So I immediately shower, change and go on the 2 hr bus ride to Sicuani (after the 1.5hr bus ride from 3 Cañones so in total 3.5hrs) then I wait and hour for the zone leaders to send me to Cuzco (1hr wait+3hr bus ride to Cuzco)(total7.5hrs). Then in Cuzco the office Elder picked me up and tells me I'm actually going to Ecuador. I have to leave the country and return to get legal again. So at 4am we get up and go to the airport. I fly out (1.5hrs) to Lima (total 9hrs) and wait for the guy to pick me up who never came (4hrs of waiting)(total 13hrs). Finally the Elders I was going with came and we fly to Tumes a city right next to Ecuador (1.5hrs)(total 14.5hrs) We go to Ecuador and back (1hr)(total 15.5). We chill in Tumbes for the day and go back to the airport and fly to Lima (1.5hrs) and stay the night there (total travel and waiting time 17hrs) then we go back to Cuzco (1.5hrs) (total 18.5hrs) Cuzco to Sicuani (3hrs)(total 21.5hrs) and Sicuani to Espinar (2 hrs)(total 23.5hrs of traveling or waiting). Then we go out and preach the gospel on Wednesday about 3pm. Crazy story of the week. I went to Ecuador. Well that was actually really fun and kinda cool to go to a place hot and humid like home.

The rest of the week went pretty well we did our normal thing. We are finding a couple of people. One is named Diego. He's awesome and has already been taught by missionaries before the problem is he has a  drinking problem but he has a testimony so we are going to work with him on that. On Saturday me and Elder Carranza went to the family group for a FHE and stayed the night there. I'll send pictures when we are in Sicuani. It was pretty cool. We taught one young girl named Jessica. She wants her whole family to listen. So the work is progressing. Its hard but its going. Keep the missionaries in your prayers.

I can't believe 1 year is about to come and go. It seems like yesterday I started and I said goodbye to y'all. I can't believe how fast time goes. Really we have to enjoy every moment or it will pass us so fast I love y'all so much.

Elder Kotter

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