Monday, June 23, 2014



So this week ended up being super crazy. First off, you know how I told you how no one had a transfer, well that was a lie. My comp elder Calle actually did have a transfer it just didn't show up on the email like it should have. So now my comp is Elder Braynt yup another gringo, but I still don't really know him that well because I went to Lima on Wednesday. I was there until Friday and got back on Saturday. It was awesome in Lima I got to eat Papa Johns, KFC and burger king. It was great but the most important part is that I am almost legal and I got to go to the temple. It was crazy how long it's been since I've gone and it was awesome. It was really cool. Unfortunately, my trip really slowed down the missionary work because all of the appointments we had failed because my new comp didn't know anything about Espinar. Another crazy thing that happened. Last night we were getting ready to go to bed and the zone leaders called the other companionship and they say that Elder Palomino has a emergency change. He was our district leader. He became a zone leader and now the zone leaders said that I'm the district leader........ yeah crazy right. So that's the update for this week. Lots of changes. I love y'all so much and hope your doing good.

Elder Kotter

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