Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Kissed a Crocodile!


So I can't believe that time has gone so fast.  Those videos you sent from conference all the adults look the same but all the kids are super different!!!!!!!!!!! For example I didn't even recognize Baliey for like the longest time and Issac has hair all over his face like what the junk!!!!!!!!!!! I think he has more hair than I can grow. So this week I've learned a lot about giving advice. There are some missionaries in our district that aren't getting along very well and since I'm district leader I get to the opportunity to help them. Seriously its in situations like that where you just depend on the spirit and hope you give the right advice to these missionaries who are coming to you wanting the advice. Its super weird I've never been in that situation where someone actually wanted my advice. Well I do have to say I was a lot happier this week. I don't know why but my whole perspective has changed. I'm laughing again and just trying to enjoy my time here in the mission with Elder Lozano and you know what it has made all the difference. So smile and laugh in your circumstances. It's like what President Utchdorf talked about at conference how we can be grateful in our circumstances and not just because of our circumstances. So that's the lesson of the week. 

What I learn in my study of catching up was the field is white all ready to harvest. That phrase is repeated over and over again so it must be so. Funny story with the reading I totally forgot about that until Saturday and then I was like oh shoot I've gotta read like 11 chapters  of the Doctrine and Covenants. Luckily they are short. (Our family is studying this book together for our scripture study each night. Elder Kotter has joined with us.)

So the election went well I guess I really don't know the politics here and what the issues are but yeah. It's interesting here you only need 30% of the vote to win because there are a ton of parties. It's not like the USA with only 2. But we didn't get the chance to go to church either so yeah it was just a normal day that nobody was home cuz they were all voting. yeah.

I love y'all so much. Y'all are the best.  Keep it real.

Elder Kotter

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