Monday, December 1, 2014

Just Another Week


Well sounds like everything is normal back at home. I think that's awesome that we are moving back to the Snellville building! I LOVE THAT BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!! Mom I cant believe that you went Black Friday shopping. I totally forgot that was a thing. I almost forgot about Thanksgiving it's a good thing y'all reminded me. I loved the pictures of Thanksgiving I'm kinda glad there weren't pictures of any of the food. That would have been hard for me.

So this week well was not our best week. I don't know what happened I felt like we worked hard but then we looked back on the week and it was just kinda a flop. I don't know why but this next week we are going to work harder and just do work. I really don't have anything new and exciting for this week. Oh the transfers happened and guess what me and Elder Freestone are still together. Well I knew that was going to happen because we still have 6 weeks of training left but yeah just so y'all know ill be here in the jungle for Christmas. I'm excited because maybe I'll be able to get a good internet reception for Skype (cross your fingers)!!
Well I love y'all so much. Keep the faith.

Elder Kotter


Well first off I love you. Mom says you've got some infection in your elbow. Sorry to hear about that. I'll pray for you. Dad I just want to say thanks so much for being such an awesome parent. Really y'all are who made us super awesome kids that could bring you so much joy.  I have no idea if I didn't have mom's love and your example of priesthood service what I would be like. Thanks so much and I love you. 

Elder Kotter

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