Monday, December 15, 2014

Dropped on My Head


So i will be Skyping on Christmas day!! We have several options of where we can go. What time would be best for y'all?

Well, this week was awesome like always. I don't know why, but people just keep falling into our laps. For example, this week we come to church and we are there saying hi to all the members when a member comes up to us and says elders this is my grandson he has never stepped foot into the church before. His mom, my daughter, sent me to bring him to the chapel so y'all could give him a blessing of comfort. His mom is a member and she is  less active and isn't comfortable to come yet, but she wants y'all to give him a blessing. So of course we did. Before we gave the blessing we asked what the problem was and the grandpa said he's super nervous and randomly he will just freeze up and cry. The little kid says its because he's seeing shadows and spirits in their house. S,o we get the idea hey we could go dedicate the house for this less active lady. So she lets us in and we do the dedication prayer. Afterwards we are just talking to her about everything and she starts crying, and we ask what is wrong. She said nothing she was just so grateful that the missionaries would come and visit her and she wants to come back to church but doesn't know how. So we will start teaching this sister because of the faith she had in the priesthood to help her son. We also ended up giving her a blessing too.

Another story
So we are teaching this guy who has received the lessons before from missionaries. He wants to get baptized but he feels something is holding him back. We go through the baptismal interview questions with him because he also asked about that what they were and all that stuff. He gets to the part about knowing that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he says that's my problem. I have doubts about that. So we pull out the Book of Mormon and tell him this is the evidence of Joesph Smith and read Moroni 10:3-5 then he looks at another verse where it says that Moroni will be at the judgement bar and God will say didn't I send this man and his writings as a voice crying from the dust. He read that and in that moment he said elders I want to get baptized; who do i need to talk to. 

There are miracles happening all around us. We just have to be prepared to see them. Keep up the work of salvation y'all can do it.

Elder Kotter

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