Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Transfer


Well this week is the changes and the changes are ........ nothing. Me and Elder A. are going to stay together for another 6 weeks. That will take us to the general conference. Crazy how fast time is going. This change felt like a blink and there are only 3 more blinks left. So, this next week we have a baptism. It's the mom of a family. She's in her 60's or 70's.. It is a miracle that she is getting baptized because missionaries have taught her for a while, but she keeps traveling to her farm. Well that happened to us too. But she came back and we taught her  again. Another miracle is that she could pass the interview. She can't remember very well she knows the church is true and wants to get baptized, but going up to the interview she was having a hard time remembering the  commandments. Yet in the interview, she remembered everything. Miracles everywhere. We are still contacting families and trying to find more families to build the kingdom of God. The work is going good. 

So what I learned this week is that Captain Moroni is a Boss. I was reading about him in the Book of Mormon and I just kept thinking I want to meet this guy because he's just super awesome. He just kept doing his job to protect his people, but always he prayed and asked the Lord or the prophet for guidance. If we do that in our lives  we will be like Moroni. 

Sorry it was so cold I know how y'all feel with that. Espinar nuff said. I'll try to take more pictures and videos. I forget a lot and I'm sorry for that. Mom keep working hard on the Statistics. I know you can do it and it's like you said it doesn't matter if you get A's what matters is that your learning. I know you can do it and your going to do it good. I love you so much!  I really do. I hope everything goes well this week

Elder Kotter

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