Monday, March 30, 2015



SO, this week was pretty awesome We had a baptism. I don't know if you remember about a young man named Jonathan well he decided to get baptized. It's awesome. It was a fantastic experience. He was so happy to get baptized. He's such an awesome guy. Other than that the week was just a normal week just trying to get everything in that we need to do. There is so little time and so much to do.

Thanks for doing my college registration. I feel a little bit better with all that done. I can't believe I'm coming up on changes again it seems just like yesterday we had changes the time is going so fast. I'm pretty sure I'll stay, but we will see.

I know how you feel mom. So many people would come back to church if we would just do our visits so ALWAYS DO YOUR VISITS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you so much and I pray for y'all everyday.

Elder Kotter

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