Monday, April 6, 2015



 So all those pictures were awesome. It was kinda weird to see me in the pictures, but i wasn't actually there. Well Matt and Amber look so happy. 

SO the work is going on. Changes are this week elder Alzamora is leaving and I'm staying my next comp will be Elder Salas. All I've heard about him is that hes from Lima. 

So the conference was super awesome this week. I love every single talk. Every time I watch the conference it gets better and better. 

I'm sending some pictures that Elder Freestone sent me. They are of baptisms that we started teaching one of them is Leonidus and the other is Walter. Leonidus got baptized the week after I left Puerto.

Keep being awesome and know that the work is progressing. We got Cynthia with a date for April 25th she wants to be a member she only has to get her testimony. I love this work and tell Matthew to shave his beard!!!

Elder Kotter

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  1. Glad to see you're doing well, Stephen! Nice gym set up you've got there:) - Stay Positive & Strong