Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Week


Well first off this week was a good week. We have 2 now with baptismal dates. They both have so much desire to become members of the church they just need to receive their answers. They are so awesome. Elder S. and I are working super hard and we are having super spiritual lessons it's really awesome I love it.

Well this p-day we went to the canyon of Apurimac in the little village of Curahuasi. Supposedly, it is the deepest canyon in the world you might want to fact check me on that, but that's what I've heard. I got super sun burned too. See the pictures. (not posting pics, if you want to see them I'll e-mail them to you)

This week we started working out super hard. getting up a 6 everyday so hopefully I can come home with muscles. 

I haven't gone to Macchu Picchu but I'm planing on going May 4th. So I'm super excited. It will be a good way to help me finish my mission with lots of energy. 

Well I can't believe you got my travel plans. I can't wait for that hug!

I love y'all so much,
Elder Kotter

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