Monday, September 16, 2013



Hey what's up? It sounds like you had an awesome birthday and so much more this week. How did you find tickets for so cheap? So I got the package and I was so happy(see picture). Oh and whoever wanted to send me shoe laces is super in tune with the spirit because this past week I looked down at my shoes and noticed one of my shoe laces was starting to break so when I saw the shoe laces in the package I couldn't believe it!!!!!! And thanks for all the yummy awesome stuff. I also have been wanting some pocket candy to hand out to kids and the Jolley Ranchers are perfect!

Well I think I might of found at least one reason why I am here. We received a reference and on Tuesday we went there. The lady is a single lady named Nelly. Well we taught the 3rd lesson and yeah the spirit was there but just kinda normal if you know. Then we invited her to pray. She truly prayed with all of her heart and as soon as we said amen the spirit came into the room so strong basically like only what I have felt in the temple. She just broke down and started crying and she told us that she wanted to be part of our church and be baptized but she just doesn't know if God exists. She said she has prayed and prayed and hasn't felt anything until that prayer. Well me and elder Green both feel like she will be baptized so I will keep you informed on what is going on with her. Please keep her in your prayers because we haven't been able to make contact with her since Tuesday I think she feels ashamed she cried in front of us.

Well we also had stake conference and it was on the TV and Elder Scott can speak Spanish by the way. He also gave a freakin awesome talk about the awesomeness of women. It was so good I couldn't even write any notes. Just please tell everyone that is a girl they are daughters of God and they need to embrace those things that makes them a women because that is closer to Godliness than manhood

I love y'all all so much,

Elder Kotter

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