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Well sorry if I made you worry with the time this email is getting sent. Every p-day we have a zone meeting, then go to internet as a zone but today I didn't go to the meeting because Elder Alarcon was sick. So since my companion and his companion are both district leaders they went to the meeting and we stayed in our room. That's awesome about the stake meeting and it is so true. We have to keep trying to get better everyday. In fact something that I learned is to pray every night about the sins I have committed. Then when i wake up and leave I am clean and pure so I can at least have the spirit when I leave the room well until I mess up on something. Then you repeat the process and hopefully you won't make the same mistakes.

That sounds like an awesome date!!!!! Keep doing fun things like that.

Shae b-day party seems fun what did y'all eat I hope it was fried chicken. I really miss fried chicken hahaha. Well Gino seems to be doing awesome! and my Spanish is coming along. I think I am starting to understand so now I can practice talking to people because I finally kinda know what to say. We are teaching people we just are having a hard time with either getting a hold of them or not having them progress. I can tell you this now because I have some time in the mission but our area was the place the old mission president would send the struggling missionaries. He wouldn't send them home just to one of the 3 zones here. So the new president is trying to fix that so right now we are basically the first wave of missionaries to work here so we are still trying to get things moving. They are moving and things are improving it just takes a little while.

Well thanks for the awesome letter

Elder Kotter


Sorry I leave out so much detail. If you put together all the emails of everyone I email you might get a better idea of what is happening. I just forget to write about stuff I have already written about I will try to do better.

Spanish is going much better I think. The problem is every time I think I am doing well I get humbled and can't understand anything. Is there a way I can think I'm doing good and not get humbled by the lord? Well it's awesome that the roofs are almost done. My companion is awesome. He is super patient with me when it comes to Spanish and I am so grateful for that. We are trying to work with lots of people but things are tough(see moms email).

I love it here though and I am always happy except when my alarm goes off at 6:30 in the morning that is really hard.

Well I love you so much,

Elder Kotter

Yeah I know that is crazy!!!! I don't like the snow!!!! Well tell me about your school week I want to know everything. Oh my Spanish is getting lots better. remember to trust in God oh and I really want to hear your testimony please!!!!! Umm this week's story is I had a Latin companion this week because we went on changes and he said I walk like a black man!!!!! So I'm pretty much like uncle Taurus now!

Love you lots,

Elder Kotter

The pictures are of the hail storm this morning and of a catholic church we visited on P-day in Lampa, Peru. The other is a picture some other missionaries I'm serving with!

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