Monday, September 23, 2013



Hey how is it going? Well the work here is moving forward. We were able to get another lesson with Nelly but now she is gone for like 2 weeks so that kinda stinks, but we just gotta keep pushing forward with the work. Half this week Elder Green was in Cusco because he he is a district leader. The new president made some new rule changes which are basically the mission handbook. For me they weren't really big but for a lot of people they were because the old president changed a lot of rules. But they really will help us be better missionaries.

So classes are hard. Well just remember that there is one person that knows everything. Pray and ask for help everyday twice a day even all the time. Why do you feel so old? What is your other class what is the usual work load? If I can help at all let me know.

I love you all so very much and I miss y'all but it is really only when we get back to the apartment and I have time to think. Time is going so fast. It is so strange I have almost been gone 4 months which is almost a semester of school so I don't get why time is so fast but it is. I really have learned we cant waste time.

Elder Kotter

PS I don't know why the internet had problems

PSS What do I want in a Christmas package.... whatever I really don't need anything. Maybe just use the money you would spend on me and do some service with it. Help someone else and send me some pictures. Also testimonies of people would be awesome and as always pictures of everybody and everything.


Thanks for the prayers we really do need them. That's probably why the dogs and drunks haven't gotten me yet. hahahaha Thats awesome that y'all put a service project in there I knew that day was missing something. That just makes it so much better. Please help Shelby and Shae and mom out I feel like they are starting to really miss me. Also I feel like you are too so every once and a while for me can you do something with brother Gerber and brother Frandsen and just have a good old time.

Dad I will keep working with all my heart and I really hope I don't forget that and start having regrets.

Love you lots,
Elder Kotter

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