Monday, October 14, 2013



Well that neon run sounds like a freaking awesome time. How was it? Was it hard to run while people are throwing stuff at you? Me and Elder Green are doing great I have an awesome story from this week. It was Tuesday and we had nothing to do and we really didn't want to knock doors because at least here in Puno nothing really comes from it. Knocking doors is about as effective as sitting in our room. So we just were like Yeah lets go to the Duran family who are partially active. In my head i was thinking it was a good idea because it was a long walk like30 minutes and we had nothing to do but the Lord had other plans of why we would go. We went and knocked on the door. Sister Duran was pretty sick and we think she had a migraine. From the moment we entered the house we knew we would give a blessing. And we did. The Lord puts us in places for his own reason sometimes what we think are random thoughts are really inspiration from God.

I know this is really the work of the Lord.

I don't take cold showers we have a switch that i will send a pic of that makes the water hot but then you have to be careful because then you can shock yourself on the all metal shower.

Keep looking for that dress. Homecoming is the hardest dress to find because that is the style. Short as possible. But who is this boy?

Well I love you all and keep working hard.

Elder Kotter

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