Monday, October 7, 2013


Wow sounds like you had an awesome week!!!!!! It sounds like it was full of fun activities and parties. Yesterday we found out the transfers for the next 6 weeks. Me and Elder Green are still in Puno together until at least November 19th! Wow Ants in the cookies y'all really need to do something about that because that really is a crime!!!!!!!!! I would kill for some of your fresh homemade cookies straight out of the oven right now!!!!!!!
General Conference is like the best thing in the world to me now. I'm not sleepy and I really want to listen! It is so weird what can happen to someone in 4 months. I got super excited for every talk and the time just flew by. It felt like that conference was only 30 minutes long not 10 hours. I don't know if you picked it up but I felt like we are about to hit some major persecution within the next 10 years worse than the early saints! Stay prepared and keep praying hard.
Well the work with the members this week was well to be honest a flop. Only one of the 7 people went with us and we didn't get anything from it. Don't worry things will work we just have to wait for the Lord's timing and find his way of doing things. Please also remember the Elders too. They need your help as much as the sisters do in fact probably more. They aren't quiet as good looking as the Sisters so they have a harder time hahahaha.
WHAT SHELBY IS GOING TO HOMECOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO IS THIS GUY WHAT IS HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DID HE ASK HER!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to know this stuff.
Oh something else I was thinking for Christmas was more Suave shampoo that stuff is good and I'm half way done with it so that would be nice.
Well keep praying hard working hard and good luck in school but it sounds like you really don't need it.

I love you lots,
Elder Kotter

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