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Well Sounds like everything is going really good back home! I'm so glad dad is getting his back and snoring better. I hope it helps him. I am also glad that Shelby was able to find a modest dress or at least make a modest dress. That is super important it really is. I'm kinda worried about her going to homecoming and I'm not there to scare this boy!!!!!! I hope dad will do that for me. Make sure he has the .247 out when that boy comes to pick her up.

Mom, I'm glad to hear that your schooling is going well. Its crazy how much you can learn every time you read the scriptures!!!! Ive been reading the BOM (Book of Mormon) in Spanish and it's going really well I just read about Abinadi and how he totally destroys the priest of king Noah. It's awesome he totally burns them. It actually really helped me today because Abindi went into his death basically thinking he didn't accomplish anything and his only convert, Alma, was going to be killed. He died not knowing if he had helped anybody but he knew he did the work of the Lord. That's kinda how I am feeling right now. This week we actually got a lot of help from members. A lot of appointments with less actives and out of the 20 planned lessons we got 3.... two of them were with the same family we are doing our part so we keep pushing forward.

Uhmm I didn't take any pictures this week of anything in Peru but today for p-day we are going to hike a hill which has an awesome view of Puno and the lake so I'll get that to you next week.

Well I love you so much,
Elder Kotter


Well sounds like a very intersting sacrament meeting. I wish I could help you out but don't worry after my mission hopefully I will be there to help you out. (Kendal had to speak in the Spanish Branch last Sunday where he speaks no Spanish and his interpreter spoke a little English. He also was the only speaker. It was and interesting 45 minutes.)

Dad you are right the work is hard. Whoever said Peru would be an big baptizing mission has never been here. People work all day so knocking doors doesn't really do anything until about like 7pm at night and then we eat at 8pm at night and usually we have lessons so we don't knock doors at that time. It's just hard to find people so we try to focus on less actives same kinda thing it's hard to find them. Its just hard to find people. I just wish I could help these people more, but at the same time I have realized wanting success is the natural man. The natural man in me want baptisms and lessons and good numbers. So I'm trying to just humble myself and keep in mind that the Lord's timing isnt mine and His thoughts aren't mine. I'm still trying to find out why God wants me here in Puno but I trust in him I will find out eventually.

I love you dad,
Elder Kotter

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