Monday, October 28, 2013


So there wasn't much in the way of a letter this week but TONS of pictures!!!

Well I love all the pictures but Shelby looks way to happy and a lot like Aunt Lacy. I just hope she kept her standards like she knows she should. Shae looks awesome in her contacts. It's a little different because I'm not used to it but she looks so beautiful. It sounds like y'all had an awesome week. I'm so glad for that. Tell dad that meeting with Elder Oaks is a huge push church wide. That's really a big focus here. That and the rescue of less actives. This week was better we did lots of service and guess what we gave like 3 blessings this week, two of which I gave in Spanish!!! It's super cool but super hard. I'm still trying to be in tune with the spirit in blessings and now I have to do it in another language too. hahahah. We were so excited this week we had 2 investigators in church and both of them are basically ready for baptism so hopefully we will have some good news in the weeks to come but I'm knocking on wood right now.

I love you so much,

Elder Kotter

Pictures of the lake and all around me!

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