Monday, December 2, 2013

Letters and a funny story


What a trip that's awesome!!!!!! I'm so glad y'all had so much fun in FL. Things are going good here in Sicuani. We are finding people to teach kinda. We find people but then we can't find them again. Of course it has only been a few days so that's ok patience is the key to missionary work. Last p-day we went to the first Incan temple to Wiracocha or El Dios Blanco or in English the white God. It was really cool and it helped make the Book of Mormon come to life it was really cool I'm sending pictures. There is also a couple of pictures of a random Incan mummy that we found on like Miercoles (Wendsday). Oh today we are going to a lagoon for p-day so that should be fun. I'll send pictures of that next week. I love you so much mom thanks for all the prayers. I can feel them.

Love Elder Kotter

ps Wheres the pictures of the Thanksgiving food? hahahhaa


That is an awesome meal no green stuff that's the bomb. I'm glad y'all had an awesome Thanksgiving. Keep doing great things. How was Shae's blessing. Mom says it was like the best thing ever. I hope she enjoyed it. I wish I could let her know how important it is but that's just something you learn with time. It's so cool to slowly see a blessing come to pass that I never thought really could be cause it was to crazy for me to accomplish those things. I couldn't imagine it when I was 12 but now its coming true. Especially the part about serving a mission. I'm doing it!! hahhaha its awesome!!

Love Elder Kotter

Oh, funny story a lady told us she couldn't come to the door because it was locked.... then I asked if she had the key and she said yes.... then I said she could use the key to open the door and she just kinda looked at me from the 2nd floor window like dang he found the hole in my plan it was funny.

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