Monday, December 30, 2013



Well this week was awesome getting to talk to y'all. It was happy and also a little sad. Sounds like this week was awesome for y'all. I'm glad that Memaw's funeral went good. I loved the pictures of the cave that is super cool!!!!!! So for me and Elder Gomez no transfers so the next transfer is Feb 11,2014!!! WOW it's 2014 in two days how crazy is that. I feel like I just got here and now its already 2014!!!!!! We have been working hard but this week just didn't fall into place very nicely I think it is because of Christmas everyone is super busy but now that Christmas is over I think everything will get back to normal. I really want to thank you mom and dad for the wonderful example you have been in my life. Thank you for always living the gospel and being a great example to me. I think that is why I learned to love the Lord is because I had awesome parents like y'all. I love you all so much and I'm going to be sending lots of pictures so get ready.

Elder Kotter


Hey dad how are you doing. I'm doing good. I just wanted to say sorry... I remembered a time in my life where I said I didn't want to be like you at all. I bet that really hurt you but now I know I want to be like you in as many ways possible because you really are my hero. I want to live my life like you have. I'm sorry for those hurtful words i said to you not so long ago. (parental side note Kendal doesn't even remember this conversation so it must only be bothering Stephen)

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