Monday, December 23, 2013

Skype on Wednesday!!


Hey what's going on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like life is going great for y'all!!!!! I love the missionary blanket that y'all made. I can't wait to call y'all this week but I do need to know one thing. I'm trying to remember my Skype user name I think I can remember the password but not the user name. Ok so Shelby's hair is soooooo long and Shae is all grown up I can't believe it. Well this week we had some success. We had about 5 less actives in church and one of them brought there girl friend so that's awesome. We are doing lots of work with less actives. We usually have 3 or 4 more lessons with less actives than with investigators. Peru is going great and Ill talk to y'all in two days.

Elder Kotter

Pictures of the blanket Stephen is referring to.

Stephen's Great Grandmother passed away early Sunday morning December 22nd. This is a letter he wrote to his Grandpa Sutton.

Grandpa and Grandma on the farm,

Hey, how are y'all doing. I just got the news that Memaw died. I know that it's sad but I know now she is in a better place. I know that she will live again and I know that we can live together forever as a family. I know these things to be true with all my heart. I don't know many things in fact the things I don't know out number the things I know by about a billion but this I do know Jesus is the Christ and becasue of the atonement of Christ it is possible that we can have these blessing of immortality and eternal life. I love y'all so much and can't wait for the day I can see y'all again.

Thanks for everything you have done for me.

Elder Kotter

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