Monday, March 31, 2014

Another week and some pictures

Well this week was a good week. Full of the spirit and the drive to do missionary work. Even though people don't seem to be progressing I feel like I'm becoming a better and better missionary every day.

Sounds like your missionary thing was a great success. I'm so glad that it was for y'all. Its kinda funny y'all had more people at that thing than we had at church this week. If y'all keep doing things like that I'm sure the missionary work will just boom and y'alls ward will grow until its a stake. Keep up the good work.

So I just want to say that sacrifice brings blessings. We have been having the spirit with us super strong and teaching awesomely. The only problem is people have there agency. So hopefully this week I'll have an awesome story but for now know that we are trying to help people as much as they will let us.

I love y'all so much

Elder Kotter

When you send a package these are the things I'd love:
Beef jerky, Tabasco sauce, a camera, Cheetos, granola bars, peach rings, pancake mix, BBQ chips(the wavy kind), pictures, those hot wing Snyder's Pretzels and the honey mustard ones too.

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