Thursday, June 27, 2013

E-mail 6/27/2013


Hey how is it going? I'm just doing some laundry and got lucky to find a computer right next to the washers!!!!! Well this week was pretty awesome as you can expect. I was in the MTC Choir and all that cool stuff. It's no big deal to sing for 11 of the 15 apostles. I'm sorry I haven't sent any pictures but I can only send pictures during email time so that's why I'm trying to send lots of emails and make sure every one gets a reply back. I think the highlight of my week though was the Tuesday night devotional. In that we sang primary songs like I love to see the temple. It was truly amazing to sing these songs that I sang as a kid. As I sang them I just realized those songs were true. Y'all raised me in a way where all those songs were so true to my life. I am so grateful for you and dad for doing that for me. I am so glad that could happen. Well 3 weeks and only 101 left but who is counting(Mom you probably are). Half way done with the MTC and still nothing with my visa yet. Oh so last Sunday me and elder Worthlin were asked to be zone leaders. We start Sunday so that's going to be fun. I don't know jack squat about being a zone leader but I mean I don't know jack squat about being a missionary so i feel like it really doesn't matter. The lord will help me and its only for 3 weeks too so that's not bad. Well Mom just know that I love you and sorry for all the spelling mistakes you know that was never my strong point. if y'all have questions just send me one big email with all your questions so I can remember to answer them.

Elder Kotter

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